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Do you have a deadline for your next assignment? Are you struggling to write it out?

If you are a university student, you will notice that you will need to change the way you write for these submissions. Assignments have a set structure and a pattern that will ensure that there are no similarities when one individual writes it out. They have to be written in formality and should be able to persuade the reader or examiner. University tutoring online sessions are also available when you need help.

When writing a coursework you will need to present evidence to support your arguments and cite them accordingly. If you are still confused about writing a coursework, this guideline provides assignment help.

Planning your time

You have to spend a lot of time working on your coursework and therefore, you need to prepare a timeline so that you can complete section of it. Have deadlines so that you will stick to them and finish it before the actual submission deadline. If you have all the coursework deadlines, then you can make an entire plan with it all.


After you plan out the coursework, you need to start gathering information, facts and figures. You will need to go to the university library, find online journals, textbooks and other coursework. You will need to identify similar coursework as well so that you can find more authors who have published their work with regards to the coursework topic.


What many students forget is to actually read the information that has been collected. You will need to read the coursework properly and highlight the areas that you will be using for your assignment.

Making notes

You will need to brainstorm and make notes of your reading material. Try not to copy chunks of the exact information you read but summarize the thoughts in the your own words. Do not paraphrase the sentences as well.

Interpretation of the topic

You need to break down the complex questions of the topic in order to analyse, assess, evaluate, define and clarify the issue.


Referencing is very important. You need to cite your sources so that the examiner will be able to understand your arguments and also determine if you have enough facts and information to support your arguments as well. You need to write straight to the point and not wonder around with the conclusion you want to make. If you are dragging the writing a lot you might not be able to score high marks. Good luck!